Cumin Seeds
Small, elongated, yellowish-brown seeds of a plant of the parsley family. Also "comino." The aromatic flavor note in chili powder and essential in curries.

Coriander Seeds
Small, round, buff-colored seeds of the coriander plant. Mild, delicately fragrant aroma with lemony/sage undertone.

Fennel Seeds
Small, yellowish-brown, watermelon-shaped seeds from a bulbous plant, related to the celery and parsley families. Anise-like flavor. The distinctive note in Italian sausages (both sweet and hot).

Sesame Seeds
Small, oval, pearly white seeds of a member of the Pedaliacae family. Also "benne." Needs toasting or high heat of baking to develop its nutty flavor.

Sunflower Seeds
The sunflower seed is the fruit of the sunflower. Sunflower seeds are more commonly eaten as a healthy snack than as part of a meal. They can also be used as garnishes or ingredients in various recipes.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are flat, dark green seeds. Some are encased in a yellow-white husk, although some varieties of pumpkins produce seeds without shells.

Caraway Seeds
Hard, brown, scimiter-shaped seeds of an herb of the parsley family. The seed of "seeded rye bread" and German sauerkraut favorite. Most popular in Austrian and German cooking to flavor breads and pastries.

Anise Seeds
Sold in seed form. Anise smells like black licorice, though it is actually a member of the parsley family. Anise seeds are used as a flavoring in some cookies. Anise extract is used to flavor the Greek liquor ouzo. And apparently it also has its uses as a medicine for expelling internal gas.
Moisture 13.5% max
Foreign matter 1%
Max Flower diameter of at least 2.5 cm 80% min
Star below 2.5 cm
Stem No
Color bright, brown
Broken 8% min

Fenugreek Seeds
Very small, reddish-brown seeds of a member of the pea family. Pleasantly bitter flavor with curry-like aroma. Essential in curry powder; basis of imitation maple.

Star Anise Seeds
Large, brown, star-shaped fruit of an evergreen tree. Each point contains a seed; whole fruit is used. Anise-like flavor. Old-time pickling favorite.

Popcorn is a whole grain maize product - it's grown extensively in the cornbelt states of the U.S., where the majority of popcorn sold worldwide is grown. It resembles corn-on-the-cob in appearance and cultivation, although only popcorn kernels have the ability to pop.

Green Peas
A pea is most commonly the small spherical seed or the seed-pod of the legume Pisum sativum. Each pod contains several peas.

Black Eyed Beans
The black-eyed pea, also called black-eyed bean, ChawaLie, Lobia, Mulatto-Gelato in various languages in India, is a subspecies of the cowpea, grown around the world for its medium-sized edible bean.

Chick peas
Chick peas are perhaps better known by their name garbanzo beans. They are a roundish, beige to light green members of the legume family grown primarily in part of West Asia, India, and in the Mediterranean. Most are familiar with chick peas as either used whole in salads, or ground up to make the popular Middle Eastern dish hummus.

Red Kidney Beans
Kidney beans are grown in many different locations, and are usually sold in dry or canned varieties. A kidney bean is dark red/brown in color.

White Beans
A white bean is a small, round legume. Occasionally more of a distorted oval shape, the white bean is also called a haricot or pea bean. Cannellini beans, which are popular in regions in and surrounding Italy, are a kind of white bean, though quite close in composition to a kidney bean.

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